Ray White Commercial meet China Council for the Promotion of International Trace (CCPIT)

By Emma Thomson

Ray White has partnered with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) , our Chairman Brian White and the Commercial team met with one of China’s largest property companies to discuss future development opportunities in Australia.

With China Desk’s Sen Wang leading the communication and translation, NSW Commercial Directors Jeff Moxham, Scott Timbrell and Directors  from Projects, Pete Walsh and Hotels, Andrew Jolliffe,  sat down with Brian and members of the Jiayuan Group, including their Chairman Mr. Shen Yi Xing.

Highlighting the importance of the meeting it was Chairman Xing’s first visit to Australia.

Though a relatively young group, the Jiayuan Group is ranked in the top 50 development companies in China with their core business in residential development, hotels and shopping malls. They are particularly famous for creating theme developments in China, based mostly on european architecture.

“As more and more Chinese investors and developers are coming to Australia it is important to get on the front foot with each one and take the time to build relationships,” said NSW Commercial Director, Scott Timbrell said.

“We are finding that new Chinese companies will come out initially to test the market, do some research on the best states and cities that suit their vision, then go back to China and do their analysis and will come back to Australia the second time armed and ready to buy new sites, generally of large scale. It is important and key to meet with these companies on the initial visit to start the building of relationships for when that second visit happens.”

Jiayuan Group was a perfect example of this and since our lunch on Monday we have already been in contact multiple times to discuss the Australian market further and development sites that we put forward to them during our meet that they are potentially interested in purchasing.

Above: Brian and Dan White meet with CCPIT

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