Andrew Vines

Director - Asian Investment Services

Andrew's real estate career has spanned multiple regions of the globe. From his home base in Sydney, to Auckland, Hong Kong and mainland China, Andrew has established himself as a truly international agent, building strong relationships across cultures and geogrpahical divides throughout his over 20 years in the business. Andrew is proud of his career as a standout agent at CBRE, Colliers and Burgess Rawson but he is especially proud to be able to now devote his considerable skills and experience to building a strong presence for Ray White Commercial in the Asian Investment market as well as expand on his established presence in the Sydney CBD and Chinatown markets.

Andrew's years working and studying in Mainland China have provided him with a unique platform in the Sydney real estate industry, distinguishing him from his peers with his ability to effectively and sensitively communicate and negotiate transactions with Asian investors and retail tenants/landlords.

Over the last 9 years, Andrew has continued to achieve record-breaking low yields and broken some Australian record prices per square metre for strata titled properties in Sydney CBD. Andrew's respectful and considered approach to agency is borne from a belief that it is better to let the outcomes he achieves for his clients speak for him, rather than 'talking big' before the results can be shown.